As a 'terrified of the dentist' person who hasn't been for many years, I had to go this week with serious toothache. I found this dental practice online and they squeezed me in immediately. I've always been sedated in the past but that wasn't an option for me today and I just wanted the pain to go away. I was treated by Ingrid and Julie who were both fantastic and put me at ease. They were kind and patient, even when I cried before I actually sat in the chair! I ended up having a filling removed, the tooth cleaned out and a new filling put in and I never felt a thing. This was such a huge deal for me and I can't thank them enough. The receptionists were also lovely and even another patient helped to reassure me that I was in the right place. I'm going back soon and will be seeing Ingrid and Julia again for another filling ... without sedation


Some fourteen years ago my Dentist retired and recommended that in future I should see his Dentist Dr Peter Watt at the Dental Health Practice. It was a decision that I have never regretted.

I have always attended regularly and have no fear of Dentists apart from the thought of having an extraction after an experience with the School Dental Service at a very early age which has stayed with me all my life.

Very recently it became necessary to have an extraction, I readily expressed my fear to Peter who reassured me and suggested Conscious Sedation. Although I have absolute trust and confidence in Peter I was petrified.

On the day of the surgical procedure, Peter gave me a painless injection in the back of my hand and told me that I would soon feel the effect of the drug in a few minutes. I soon felt very calm with no anxiety or fear. The next thing that I remember was Peter sitting me up, having felt no pain or any sensation, I even said to Peter "have you done it yet?"

Apart from the initial injection, I have no recollection of the procedure at all. Throughout my time in the chair, Peter's Head Nurse, Paula was very kind, reassuring and comforting.

My lifelong fear of extractions has now gone. Thank you, Peter, Paula and The Dental Health Practice Team.


'I wonder if you could pass on my thanks to Peter (and Grug, and Sue) for looking after me so splendidly yesterday, Jane. I was still drugged up to the eyeballs when I left and doubt very much that I was able to say thank you at the time. You are all so very kind, and Peter is so wonderfully skilful, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am (and surprised) to still have a functioning set of gnashers thanks to his care.

Very best wishes to you all!'


'I would like to thank you all for the care and expert treatment I received recently when having a tooth removed.

As an extremely nervous patient, I was very worried about having my tooth out.  The procedure was explained to me - that I would be injected with a hypnotic drug (hope I've got that right!) and would actually be awake for the procedure, although I would remember nothing about it.  I couldn't imagine that this would be the case, but the tooth was causing me so much discomfort there was really no option!

Well, all I can say is that I sat in the dentist chair, was given the injection and I really remember nothing else until I was in the recovery room, ready to be taken home.  It was like magic! 

I had no pain, I remember nothing of the procedure.  In fact my partner informs me that I was telling him about the "lovely music" I had just listened to??

Therefore, for any people out there as nervous as I was, I can only say that this was a totally painless procedure!  Fantastic!

Thank you all so much for the way you looked after me!'


'I just wanted to put on record how grateful I am for the work Peter and Janet have done on my teeth over the years. As you know Peter recently crowned three all at once and from hideous stumps of grey and black has produced superb looking molars – completing a smile I can be proud of. The long 2 hour procedure was carried out with no pain whatsoever and I think its safe to say that any fear I had facing such an ordeal has all but vanished due to my experience at previous visits. '
Mike, Chandlers Ford.

'Thank you for your kindness shown to me during my recent dental treatment and your skill, I am delighted with the results.'
Lucy, Horton Heath.

'Thanks for your dedication and expertise, hard work and humour throughout my treatment. I'm grateful to you for getting me through to the end. Thank you also for helping me to stop smoking. I'm glad I chose you as my dentist and I thank you for doing your best in all the circumstances.'
Amanda, Shirley.

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