Quality Assurance Practice Policy

Our Quality Assurance Policy is based on a consistent Statement of Principles outlined below so that we are able to provide high standard and consistent quality care to all our patients whilst ensuring their safety and well-being. Our dentists follow a policy of preventive dentistry and believe in the value of regular examinations and hygiene visits to minimise treatment in the future.

As part of our quality assurance policy we ensure that:

Patient’s views are listened to

  • We care about how our patients feel about the practice. We encourage them to let us know how we’re doing by using our patient questionnaires and suggestion box located in the waiting room, as well as listening and acting on opinions discussed with staff members.
  • Feedback is discussed within our monthly practice meetings so that we can continue doing what we do right and address any problems that arise.
  • We deal promptly with patient complaints through our practice complaints procedure, and we openly discuss and learn from any shortcomings in the service we provide.
  • We support patients in understanding the treatment and options available so that they can make informed decisions about their care. We provide estimates for all treatment plans and update them if things change during the course of treatment.

Effective measures of Infection Control are used

  • All our procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that they comply with the latest national guidelines and regular audits are carried out.
  • Our staff receive regular training in cross infection and decontamination and undergo continuous monitoring to ensure standards are met and maintained.

Requirements relating to Health and Safety in the workplace are followed:

  • All our health and safety policies are regularly reviewed and kept up to date to ensure they are in line with current guidelines and legislation.
  • We carry out regular inspections of the premises and equipment used.

We comply with all legal requirements relating to radiological protection:

  • Our x-ray equipment is serviced on an annual basis and checked in-house weekly.
  • We have a radiation protection file which is regularly monitored and reviewed.
  • We take every care to ensure that quality radiographs are produced to minimise the risk of repeat x-rays.

Our staff are registered and qualified and comply with the continuous professional development standards set by The General Dental Council:

  • We fully adhere to all professional standards as set out by the General Dental Council to ensure our skills and knowledge are up to date in order to provide the best dental and customer care.
  • All our staff receive regular training on infection control, relevant aspects of radiation protection, CPR and medical emergencies as well as legal and ethical issues.
  • The dentists, hygienist and dental nurses participate in continuing professional development each year to ensure high standards are maintained.
  • Non-clinical staff also attend training events related to their own professional needs.

Jane Waterhouse  26.08.2015


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